Counseling Services

What is Therapy?

Therapy or clinical mental health counseling is a specialized form of counseling that focuses on diagnosing and treating individuals with emotional, mental, behavioral, and psychological disorders. It encompasses a broad range of therapeutic services and treatments aimed at helping people manage or overcome mental health issues. Clinical mental health counselors/therapists are trained professionals who use a variety of therapeutic techniques to assist their clients in achieving better mental health and well-being.

I enjoy working with young adults, adults and senior individuals from an array of different backgrounds or cultures. In my sessions, I enjoy addressing depression, anxiety, self-esteem/body issues, sexuality, relationship conflict, academic issues, career decision-making, and life-planning.

We often feel a variety of emotion and go through various trials/tribulations in life. With these aspects, comes the ability to narrate our own stories and overcome our obstacles. My job is to aid those who may need a little help narrating their story, whether that means discovering one's self, learning a new skill or breaking barriers that stand in the way.


At Sexhale, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our offerings include specialized sex therapy sessions, general therapy services, and clinical supervision for LPC residents, each designed to support and empower our clients on their journey towards well-being.

Sex Therapy

Private Pay

Our sex therapy sessions are conducted in a confidential and supportive environment, focusing on addressing sexual health concerns, improving intimacy, and enhancing sexual satisfaction. These sessions are private pay, ensuring complete privacy and personalized attention to address your specific needs without the constraints of insurance limitations or denials.

General Therapy

Out-of-Network Benefits

Our general therapy services cover a wide spectrum of concerns, including anxiety, depression, stress management, and life transitions. We work with clients on an out-of-network basis, allowing you to utilize your out-of-network benefits for reimbursement. This approach provides flexibility in therapy while potentially offering cost savings through insurance reimbursement.

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